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PARK CITY, Utah – Robert Redford is happy to see the end-credits rolling on the George W. Bush administration.

"I'm personally excited just because I'm glad to see the gang that couldn't shoot straight get out of there. I'm glad to see them gone," Redford said Thursday at a news conference hours before the opening of the 11-day festival. You've got a lame-duck guy going out, but he sure has done a lot of quacking in the last while. So therefore, the sooner they're gone, the better, and therefore, I'm very excited by the change that's coming."

"They were fighting the political machine of the extreme right that saw art as some kind of threat," Redford said. "So I think that's going to change. What I would like to see is, a country like ours should certainly be subsidizing, a little bit more than it is, art in general. Other countries do. So I would certainly like to see more coming out of the NEA. They've cut it down to the bone. There's practically nothing left."

Redford's excited over fade out on Bush years
By DAVID GERMAIN, AP Movie Writer Thu Jan 15, 6:52 pm ET

Actress Meryl Streep: “Even though we have the freest society, supposedly, I think many of us are afraid to speak up. And we vilify the people that do speak up. You’re told you’re not supporting the troops.”

Actor/director Robert Redford: “If you’re against us, you’re not patriotic.”

Streep: “So to me this film is about the difficulty of standing up and saying what you think. Standing up is very, very difficult....Americans have been anesthetized by good fortune.”

— From an interview with Time’s Richard Corliss about Redford’s anti-war film, Lions for Lambs,
and posted on the magazine’s Web site November 2.

Redford told The Salt Lake Tribune that, after he played Woodward in "All the President's Men," he figured he knew which federal agency Woodward and Carl Bernstein's source worked in.

"I had pieced together it probably had to do with the FBI," he said.

Redford said it would probably be tougher to uncover a scandal like Watergate in contemporary Washington. "If [President] Nixon had had control of both houses [of Congress], and the Supreme Court, and the bully pulpit, I don't know if that stuff would have ever come out," he said.

"If [President] Nixon had had control of both houses [of Congress], and the Supreme Court, and the bully pulpit, I don't know if that stuff would have ever come out," he said.

Redford said there are many counts on which the Bush administration is worse than the Nixon administration

"You can go right down the line [in the Bush administration], there's about 15 issues as strong or as big as the Watergate break-in was that have come and died out," he said.

"There are guys out there digging and digging. There are stories appearing every single day," he said. "But is it getting any traction with the public?"

By Pat Nason Jun. 17, 2005 at 11:47PM
Redford had Deep Throat figured for FBI

Redford: The Bush administration has advocated the most destructive policies I?ve seen in the more than three decades I?ve been working on these matters. From the moment Bush stepped into office, not only has he been leading a vast and disciplined campaign to cripple environmental protections and enforcement across the board, he?s been manufacturing more immediate crises?war, for one?that have kept the American public distracted and completely in the dark. And what makes our Republican leadership, both in the White House and Congress, seem all the more stupendously ignorant is that they?re implementing these backward policies at a time when they could be pushing forward a new era of solutions?tremendous technological advancements related to things like energy efficiency, renewables, sustainable building, and agriculture that are so incredibly exciting. It?s as though they can?t even see the historic opportunity they?re passing up.

Redford: Well, I?m doing some work to help fundraise for the 2004 elections and level the remarkable imbalance of campaign financing the Democrats are up against. And I?m working, as I have been for years, with over a half-dozen organizations, local and national, mostly focused on land protection and energy issues. Energy is my biggest concern right now, mostly because there are so many great solutions in efficiency and renewable technology that need to be pushed.

Thursday 25 December 2003
Robert Redford Still the Sundance Kid By Amanda Griscom Salt Lake City Weekly

Raindrops are falling on one Republican candidate's head. Michigan Secretary of State Candice Miller has a bigger challenge than expected in her run for Congress against Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga – an endorsement for her opponent from none other than Robert Redford.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Marlinga's first ad includes a radio testimonial from Redford in which the actor/director praises the prosecutor for fighting for a cleaner Lake St. Clair.

Redford goes on to urge voters to choose Democrat Marlinga in November.

A Pop-Star President James Hirsen Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002

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