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Moore points women voters to a video in which stars, including Julianna Margulies, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and others, back Obama.

As the general election moves into its final phase, a range of Hollywood A-listers are turning to digital, social and traditional media in attempts to influence the campaign.

This week, Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress Julianne Moore addressed what she hopes will be a viral web appeal to women on President Obamaís behalf. Working with the incumbentís re-election campaign, she asked recipients of her e-mail to go to a star-studded web video that highlights the differences between Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney on issues of particular concern to women.

The video features Moore along with Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Jane Lynch, Eva Longoria, Julianna Margulies, Olivia Wilde, Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd, Sheryl Crow, Cecile Richards, Padma Lakshmi and Kerry Washington.

Julianne Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio and 20+ Other Stars Make Campaign Appeals to Voters (Video)
11:43 AM PDT 10/2/2012 by Tina Daunt


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